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Joyful Movement

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If movement is medicine, then we should be doing more of it. What’s the best way to move more? Make it fun! You won’t be alone in this pursuit – in fact, the hashtag “#joyfulmovement” is trending on social media.

The idea behind joyful movement is that there are many beneficial ways to move your body beyond high-intensity workouts. Whether it’s dancing for a half-hour to a favorite playlist or doing yoga stretches while watching TV — it all counts, and it’s all good for you.

“When you do what you love, exercise becomes a hobby instead of a chore,” says CentraState family medicine physician Hammad Abdelquader, MD, who enjoys hiking with his family and coaching his son’s soccer team. “Staying active has many benefits, such as helping control blood pressure and sugar levels, reducing stress and anxiety, increasing strength and stamina, and even cultivating community and connection if you’re sharing an activity with others.”

Here are four benefit-packed activities that may appeal to your idea of joyful movement:

Bike Break

Hop on your bike and cruise around the neighborhood. You can burn between 210-355 calories per half-hour of moderate cycling, depending on your weight. Biking can also tone your muscles and calm your mind.

Healthy Hike

Whether you’re navigating a winding path or a steep incline, hiking is a full-body workout with mood-boosting benefits courtesy of the sights, sounds, and smells of nature. Explore for a trail near you.

Gratifying Gardening

From watering to weeding, gardening can lower stress, improve cardiovascular health and provide a healthy dose of vitamin D from exposure to the sun (don’t forget the sunscreen).

Power Play

Playing with your kids or grandkids, whether it’s kickball, hopscotch, or tag, is a great way to get exercise — forget your worries and have fun with your family. No matter how you choose to move, do it with joy to maintain a healthy fitness routine.

Check with your doctor before starting any exercise routine.


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