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Know the FACTS about Joint Replacement

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You do not have to wait until you can’t walk to consider surgery
If pain is hindering your daily routine and non-invasive pain-relief methods are no longer helping, you should contact a physician and inquire about joint replacement.

You don’t have to be a certain age to get joint replacement surgery
Because of advances in joint replacement technology, younger people have less risk of needing repeat surgeries.

After surgery most people do not experience unbearable pain
Anesthesia given during surgery helps significantly with post surgical pain.

You will not have permanent activity restrictions
With good physical therapy, most people can actually attain a higher level of function than they had prior to the surgery. Low-impact exercise is encouraged.

Make sure you choose a surgeon and hospital carefully
Studies show that surgeons who perform a high number of joint replacements have the best outcomes. Also look for a hospital or surgery center that has a comprehensive orthopedic program—education, rehab, and healthy joint promotion.

If you’re interested in learning more about joint replacement surgery, contact an orthopedic specialist or call 866.CENTRA7 to speak with our physician finder.

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