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Live Life Well Again

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As more people receive their COVID-19 vaccinations and states lift lockdown restrictions, the possibilities of things we can do again are nearly endless. But for many who already have the vaccine, what they have been looking forward to doing to most largely comes down to the three Fs: family, friends and festivities.

Have you been enjoying friends, family and festivities? Whether it’s hugging your grandkids or dining out with friends again, we want to hear your stories of getting back to those special moments! Share yours using #livelifewellagain at

“We hosted an Easter celebration because the family was vaccinated. Now we are most excited about going to Disney World!” • Lisa Garcia

“I am particularly looking forward to getting together with a group of my six high school friends whom I have known for more than 50 years. We missed our yearly hotel overnight last year because of COVID.” • Kathleen Dallavalle

“My brother-in-law got married after I received my vaccine and it felt liberating to feel normal, see our family, get hair and makeup done and eat from a delicious cocktail hour buffet.” • Gabrielle Dykeman

“I am more comfortable now going grocery shopping and being able to spend time with our family members— we missed them so much!” • Virginia Argana

“It was wonderful to hug friends again & just to be together without masks— feeling ‘normal’!” • Susan Fox

Vaccine Walk-in Events

CentraState hosts vaccine walk-in events on some Tuesdays and Thursdays. Visit for upcoming dates and times.

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