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Move Smart: Nixing “No Pain No Gain”

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You don’t have to grunt, groan, and strain to stay fit. Studies show that a more balanced approach to exercise is a smarter way to train.

What does it mean to exercise smart?

It’s moving efficiently and effectively to maximize physical and mental benefits while minimizing risk of injury. Mindful movement classes like tai chi, yoga, and bodyART® are great examples. Using carefully choreographed movement, resistance, and stretching, these mind-body practices lengthen, strengthen, and tone your body. They can even enhance mental well-being and brain function.

Classes that calm your mind, make you feel great, and help you slip into those jeans you haven’t worn in a while? It doesn’t get better or “smarter” than that!

Our MOVE WELL series of classes offer exercise options for everyBODY. Visit for more details.

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