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Non-Surgical Skin Cancer Treatment Takes Scarring Out of the Picture

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non-surgical skin cancer treatmentWhen Alyce McKinley was diagnosed with basal cell carcinoma in a prominent area on her nose, she was apprehensive about having it surgically removed. While this traditional approach, called Mohs surgery, is very effective, it would likely result in scarring that would require plastic surgery.

“If the cancer was on my back or arm, scarring wouldn’t have been an issue,” says Alyce. “But this was right out there on the tip of my nose, and I needed to know if there was a better option.”

Her search led the 78-year-old Freehold resident to Edward Soffen, MD, a board-certified radiation oncologist with Princeton Radiation Oncology and medical director of the Radiation Oncology Department at CentraState’s Karen Olbis Radiation Oncology Center. After examining Alyce, he told her that she was a perfect candidate for skin brachytherapy.

Alyce received seven skin brachytherapy outpatient treatments over the course of about two weeks at the Statesir Cancer Center at CentraState. The radiation delivery time for each session was only about three minutes. According to Dr. Soffen, the cosmetic outcome is superb following some initial redness and healing at the area of application, and Alyce’s prognosis is outstanding.

“The team there was so calming and the healing progressed exactly the way Dr. Soffen said it would,” adds Alyce. “I’m completely relieved, and I’m thoroughly convinced that this was the way to go.”

To request an appointment with a physician who specializes in skin brachytherapy, call (855) 411-2262.

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