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A Clearer Picture of Parkinson’s Disease

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Parkinson’s disease is generally diagnosed through a comprehensive clinical evaluation that includes a medical history and a physical examination, but conditions like essential tremors and drug-induced Parkinsonism can have symptoms similar to Parkinson’s disease. CentraState is one of a few hospitals in the region to now offer DaTscan™, an FDA-approved technology to help differentiate Parkinson’s disease from these other conditions.

DaTscan is an imaging technique that uses a special radioactive isotope—with radiation exposure like that of an X-ray— to light up dopamine transporters in the brain. People with Parkinson’s disease experience a steady loss of dopamine production and transporters, so the brain images show an abnormal pattern. Some studies have shown that DaTscan can impact clinical decision-making and may potentially be helpful with treatment in certain patients.

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