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The Prime of Your Life: Our Health Coaches Can Help Get You There

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Wouldn’t it be great to wake up every day feeling healthy, strong, resilient and ready for whatever comes next? You can with Prime Time Health—CentraState’s virtual health & wellness membership program.

Prime Time Health offers an amazing array of interactive, on-demand classes to help you create healthier habits, change your lifestyle and boost your well-being. But what really sets our program apart is the talented team of health coaches and wellness experts leading these classes.

Our health coaches are a dynamic group of people with extensive expertise and the passion to match. Whether you want to reduce stress, eat healthier, better manage a chronic condition, or learn about healthy aging, they’ll give you the tools, resources, and support you need to transform your health and attain your wellness goals.

No matter what Prime Time Health classes or programs you choose to participate in, you can reach out to our health coaches for guidance. And with our smoking cessation and weight loss programs, our health coaches conduct group support sessions, where you’ll participate in discussions with like-minded peers and get that extra boost of encouragement to help you stay engaged and motivated.

As one of our coaches said, “Along with providing coaching and support, we know the greatest gift we can give someone is to believe in them. Nothing is more inspiring or powerful.”

Learn more about our optimal health management plan Prime Time Health. Sign up before November 20th with promo code FALL and save $20!

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