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Real-Life Resolutions for Your Body, Mind and Spirit

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By Fiola Sowemimo, MD

‘Tis the season to face those New Year resolutions. Yes, most of the time we don’t stick to them. But maybe we need to look at these promises in a different way. Living the highest quality of life possible doesn’t happen by chance, it happens by choice. Even small efforts can reap substantial rewards.

In my office, we recently instituted an effort called “5 at 5.” At 5 p.m. every day, my staff and I head to the stairwell and climb stairs (with vigor and as much speed as each of us is able). Yes, it’s only five minutes but during this time we collectively increase our heart rates, lessen some of the day’s stress and go back to work more energized and focused.

The number one resolution to ignore

“I will lose weight this year.” Committing to this promise is too vague and usually goes out the window by the second week of January. Change course and focus on a more holistic view of your health and your life.

Here are a few ways to optimize the body, mind and spirit for the new year ahead:

Aim to improve just one or two things about your life

We’re human and therefore imperfect. But it’s not realistic to say we’re going to overcome all of our shortcomings starting on January 1. But what about resolving to tackle just one or even two issues? Everyone has personal challenges they would like to conquer─from a stringent Type A personality to drinking too much or leading a sedentary life, for example. If you smoke or engage in abusive behaviors, address these issues exclusively. Get outside help or counseling (most of us need it at some point during the course of our lives).

Use stress to your advantage

It’s a part of all our lives. While discovering ways to reduce stress is paramount, we are still faced with it regularly. Think about athletes─when they are competing, they use the stress to enhance their performances by taking advantage of stress-induced cortisol and endorphin hormones. You can do the same thing. In work, use the adrenaline that stress ignites as a tool to propel you forward to finish the project. If you’re about to lose your temper, turn it into a fat burner by going for a run or long walk. Don’t less stress rule you─you’re in charge.

Help others in need

Challenge yourself to look beyond your own needs and those in your inner circle. It’s spiritually satisfying for mind and body to appreciate that the world extends far beyond your every day life. By extending a hand to help others, you help yourself exponentially and inspire others around you to do the same.

If everyone made a firm commitment to improve just one body/mind/spirit aspect of their lives, can you imagine the positive impact it would have on our family, our community and our world?  Needless to say, that’s a resolution worth keeping.

Tools to get started

If this is the year you’re ready to join a health club, CentraState’s Fitness and Wellness Center offers full-service professional instruction and the latest amenities to help you achieve your wellness goals, regardless of your health and fitness level. Visit or call 848-231-6461 for more information.

CentraState’s Star and Barry Tobias Health Awareness Center provides an extensive roster of lifestyle enhancement events and programs for children, adults and seniors. Visit for upcoming classes or call 732-308-0570.

CentraState’s Physician Finder can help you find a specially trained, board-certified primary care doctor. Visit or call 866-CENTRA7.

Fiola Sowemimo, MD board certified in internal medicine and bariatric medicine, is on staff at CentraState Medical Center. She can be reached at Prime Internal Medicine, located in the Medical Arts Building on the CentraState campus, by calling (732) 252-6688 or visiting

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