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Reducing costs and environmental impact through solar

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CentraState recently completed the installation of solar carports in the majority of parking areas around the medical center and ambulatory campus that in addition to generating solar energy, provide shade and weather protection as well as enhanced lighting for patients, visitors, and employees.

This carport installment, in combination with the solar farm at the back of the property, will allow CentraState to generate approximately 50 percent of its energy consumption and achieve savings of approximately half a million dollars in energy costs each year.

CentraState is the only hospital in New Jersey with a solar installation of this size.

“Our solar holdings are not only providing significant savings on our energy costs, but also allowing us to decrease our carbon footprint and environmental impact,” explains Thomas W. Scott, FACHE, senior vice president and chief operating officer at CentraState. “In addition, it will reduce the hospital’s drain on Freehold Township’s electrical grid.”

KDC Solar, a Bedminster-based developer, owner, and operator of solar power facilities, installed the solar carports with no capital costs to CentraState. The 8,376 photovoltaic panels on the carports will produce and deliver approximately 5 million kilowatt hours per year to CentraState and will offset 3,946 tons of carbon dioxide annually.

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