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Release, Restore, Relax (You deserve it)

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Give yourself some self-love and experience the energizing effect of our newest mindful movement class: Release, Restore, Relax. You’ll loosen tight muscles, work on enhancing flexibility, and conclude with a luxurious, guided relaxation session.

Program Activity:
Use rolling techniques and tennis balls to release tight trigger points throughout your body—from the bottom of your feet to the top of your head. Also incorporate specific stretches to relieve stiffness in your hip flexors, back, shoulders, and neck.
Releases stress in the body and unlocks tension stored in your tissues.

Program Activity:
Awaken your body and mind with a series of exhilarating Tibetan exercises known as the Fountain of Youth. Includes yoga-based postures and movement with gentle stretching.
Strengthens and stretches your muscles, restores flexibility and range of motion, and brings body and mind into balance.

Program Activity:
Use guided imagery to lengthen and strengthen the muscles associated with breathing.
Encourages a deep state of rejuvenating relaxation.

Join the upcoming Release, Restore, Relax FREE orientations on January 14 or January 17.
The program starts on January 21, register online or by calling 732.308.0570.

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