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Robotic Precision for Knee and Hip Replacements

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Chances are, you probably know someone who’s had a knee or hip replacement surgery. These procedures are the most common joint replacements performed in the U.S. In each case, a joint that is diseased or damaged – usually due to arthritis, an injury or a fall – is replaced with an artificial joint called an implant.

The good news is that knee and hip replacements are very successful in relieving pain when more conservative treatment efforts don’t help. The better news? Robotic technology is making these procedures even more precise, with results that feel more natural.

Benefits Before and During Surgery

At CentraState, patients who need partial or total knee replacement or hip replacement now have access to Mako SmartRoboticsTM technology. Here’s how it works:

Scanning and planning

The process starts with a CT scan of the joint, which is loaded into Mako software and used to develop a 3D virtual model of each patient’s unique anatomy prior to surgery. Using this software, the orthopedic surgeon can better predict the size, placement and positioning of the implant for a more personalized, efficient surgical plan.

Knee surgery

With the surgical plan programmed into the Mako robot, the orthopedic surgeon guides the robotic arm to remove diseased or damaged bone and cartilage from the joint. AccuStopTM technology helps the surgeon better ensure the preservation of healthy bone. Mako also provides real-time data so surgeons can assess movement and tension of the new joint – one of the most important factors for implant durability – and adjust the surgical plan accordingly if needed.

Hip surgery

As with knee surgery, Mako technology is used to program the hip surgery plan, guide the surgery and preserve healthy bone. In addition, it helps the surgeon guide the hip implant into the socket at the desired angle with better alignment.

“We now can better personalize the surgery and predict implant sizing options with more accuracy before we even enter the operating room,” says Eric Buxbaum, DO, one of several CentraState orthopedic surgeons who are highly experienced in using Mako.

SmartRoboticsTM technology

“During surgery, we have another set of checks and balances for greater precision.”

“This technology enables us to achieve results that are as close to perfect as possible for our patients,” he adds. “We’re better matching each patient’s normal anatomy for a more natural feel.”


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