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Rolling Into Spring Activities After Skating Accident

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Stuck inside on a cold December day, 7-year-old Jackson resident Julian Rosenthal and his little brother were roller skating in the kitchen while their mom, Rebecca, watched them. With limited activity options outside the home due to COVID-19, Rebecca was accustomed to finding creative ways to keep the boys entertained. But then Julian tripped, his arm outstretched, and injured his elbow.

Rebecca iced Julian’s elbow to reduce the swelling. When he was still in pain the next morning, his pediatrician suggested they visit CentraState’s Emergency Department, which offers specialty care for children at the Star and Barry Tobias Emergency Pediatric Care Unit.

“I kept warning the boys to be very careful because I didn’t want to end up at the hospital, especially because of COVID-19,” Rebecca says. “I was scared, but once I saw that everyone was wearing the appropriate protective gear and taking safety measures, I was much more comfortable.”

Because Julian’s doctor had called ahead to the Emergency Department to explain the injury, Sanjay Mehta, DO, board-certified pediatrician and division chief of the Emergency Pediatric Care Unit, was up to speed when the Rosenthals arrived in the ER. Luckily, Rebecca was recording the boys while they were skating, so Julian’s care team was better able to understand the mechanics of his injury from the video.

Dr. Mehta examined Julian and ordered X-rays of both elbows. They revealed that Julian had a supracondylar fracture of his humerus bone, one of the most common pediatric elbow fractures. Dr. Mehta consulted with physician assistant Sagar Naik, PA, and board-certified orthopedic surgeon Gregg Berkowitz, MD. The bone wasn’t displaced, so Julian didn’t need surgery. To stabilize his bones while they healed, the orthopedic team placed a splint on Julian’s arm from his thumb to his shoulder. A cast was applied a week later in Dr. Berkowitz’s office.

Julian’s cast was removed in late January, and he’s back to playing with his brother, Jaxon.

“Needless to say, the cast didn’t dampen his spirits and he’s back to his energetic, active self,” Rebecca says. “We’re ready for some outdoor spring activities.”

Safe Emergency Care for Kids

Life is full of surprises—and our specialized pediatric emergency care team is here when the unexpected occurs. The Star and Barry Tobias Emergency Pediatric Care Unit in CentraState’s Emergency Department provides care in a private space separate from the main ER with little to no waiting in the reception area. Pediatricians are on staff 24/7 to ensure clinical expertise in the treatment of children and adolescents. And as with all CentraState’s locations, enhanced safety protocols are in place to keep families safe from COVID-19.

“There’s no reason for patients, especially pediatric patients, to avoid receiving the care they need,” says Dr. Mehta.

For more information about pediatric emergency services at CentraState, visit or call 866-CENTRA7 (866-236-8727)

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