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Should You Try a Sugar Detox?

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Before you swear off sugar for the rest of your life, take heed. Cutting sugar consumption—in particular added sugars—has many benefits, including a lower risk of chronic diseases, reduced inflammation and weight loss. That being said, you don’t need to pass up sweets altogether, says Natalie Meltzer, a registered dietitian at CentraState.

“When you cut sugar out of your diet completely and expect to stick to that resolve long term, it can lead to constant cravings,” says Natalie. “Limit sweets to one to two servings a day.”

If you’re looking for ways to reduce sugar consumption, pay attention to caloric beverages. Meltzer recommends replacing them with infused waters and seltzer.

Sugar can also lurk in condiments, dressings, frozen foods, breads and cereals. Read food labels to see if the product contains added sugar. Choose whole foods, like fresh fruits, vegetables, and whole grains, whenever possible and make meals from scratch to limit hidden sugar.

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