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Stand Up While Reading This

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Prolonged sitting—that many of us have been doing more of during COVID— is one of the biggest health challenges today. It is linked to high blood sugar, increased blood pressure, and more body fat. Even getting the recommended amount of daily exercise can’t negate sitting for extended periods.

Beth Ando-Brenman, physical therapist and yoga instructor at CentraState, shares how to be more active throughout the day. Try some of these movement tips daily to combat the effects of sitting:

Walk outside. Take a work break—yes, you deserve it!—and walk outside for 15 minutes. The vitamin D, fresh air and change of scenery will be good for you.

Two minutes to stretch. Warm up with a minute of “head, shoulders, knees and toes” and then stretch your neck. Reach your arms in front of your chest, behind your back, and overhead. Try some gentle side-to-side lunges to loosen tight hips.

Do sitting and standing movements at your desk. Try 10 reps of going from sitting to standing. Using your body weight against gravity incorporates muscles from your hips to ankles to get yourself vertical.

Take the stairs. If your home has stairs, do step-ups for one minute or walk up and down the steps for a minute or two.

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