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Strengthen Your Memory

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Forgot where you parked your car or your favorite niece’s birthday? It’s easy to chalk it up to age and say there’s nothing you can do about it. But you can take steps to improve your memory.

“If your brain has changed with age, you have to change the way you use it,” says Marilyn Abrahamson, M.A., Speech-Language Pathologist & Certified Brain Health Coach. “There are certain lifestyle strategies that, if started early enough, could help people to stave off the symptoms of aged-related cognitive changes, or even Alzheimer’s disease and other kinds of dementia.”

Master Your Memory teaches compensatory memory strategies and systems that will clear up space in your brain to help you remember small and big things alike.

“Worrying about remembering something takes us away from being present,” Abrahamson says. “When you work on memory exercises that nagging item won’t take up mental space.”

Try this memory cue: When you have to bring something with you at a later time, set a pop-up reminder for the opportune moment. Use your smartphone reminder app and say “Remind me to bring [the item] at [time].” Do this before you leave the house, and you’ll be sure to remember to take it with you.

Ready for ten mind-boosting lessons? Our virtual platform allows you to access lessons anytime anywhere. Sign up for Master Your Memory at

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