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Survivor Strong: Support After Cancer Treatment

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People who are diagnosed and treated for cancer often have ever-changing concerns and questions as their treatment is rendered. Survivors may feel they are alone with unique challenges and circumstances. When traditional treatment is completed, these feelings can intensify as contact with healthcare providers lessens.

CentraState’s Life After Cancer program is specifically designed for survivors, caregivers, and supportive people of any type of cancer, regardless of where treatment was provided. Monthly meetings generate discussion, foster friendship and bonding, and promote the camaraderie of knowing that although each person’s experience is unique, the need for support isn’t, and you are not alone.

Hear some of the inspiring stories from our program participants about what it means to be a survivor, why support is crucial, and how to connect with the program:

For more information about cancer services at CentraState, visit or call 855-411-CANCER (855-411-2262)

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