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The Beat Goes on With a Lifesaving Heart Pump

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Mohammed Chaudhry, 72, was in relatively good health, maintained an active lifestyle and proactively had regular cardiac stress tests. Then one morning, the Jackson resident experienced sudden chest pain, dizziness and numbness in his arms and hands.

His wife, Musarat, took him to his nearby primary care doctor, who did an EKG and immediately sent him to CentraState’s Emergency Department. As part of CentraState’s STEMI and Shock Activation Program, paramedics called on the way to alert the Emergency Department and cardiac catheterization
team. It was quickly determined that Mohammed had suffered a heart attack and was in cardiogenic shock, meaning his heart could not pump enough blood and oxygen to his brain and other vital organs.

Mohammed was rushed to the Cardiovascular Interventional Laboratory and became the first patient at CentraState to receive the world’s smallest heart pump – known as Impella® – to help his heart pump blood throughout his body. Thanks to interdepartmental collaboration, Mohammed underwent treatment within 24 minutes of entering CentraState’s doors, far exceeding the high-performance standard of 50 minutes.

“The Impella is an innovative device that allows the heart to rest and recover,” explains Jatinchandra Patel, DO, medical director of CentraState’s Cardiovascular Interventional Laboratory. “When the Impella was removed three days later, Mohammed’s heart function had markedly improved and he was discharged the next day.”

Cardiac Rehab Supports Recovery

Shortly thereafter, Mohammed enrolled in CentraState’s Cardiac Rehabilitation Program, a supervised exercise and education program certified by the American Association of Cardiovascular and Pulmonary Rehabilitation. The program improves patients’ quality of life through support, education and resources to strengthen heart health. Cardiac rehabilitation programs significantly boost survival rates among individuals recovering from heart-related conditions by building physical strength, improving cardiovascular function and reducing risk factors linked to heart disease. This comprehensive approach not only aids recovery, but also reduces the likelihood of future cardiac events, ultimately contributing to a better quality of life.

When Mohammed completed cardiac rehabilitation, CentraState hosted a Heart Recovery Reunion to reunite him with the cardiovascular team that saved his life. State Senator Vin Gopal was on hand to deliver a Senate Commendation to Mohammed and celebrate the efforts of the treatment team.

“My care was excellent,” says Mohammed. “The professionals at CentraState are good people who really care about their patients.”

Novel Technology Keeps the Heart Pumping

When a heart attack happens, CentraState’s interventional cardiology team has the capability to open blocked arteries through emergency angioplasty. This minimally invasive procedure uses a thin catheter inserted through the wrist or groin and guided to the heart, where a small balloon is inserted to restore blood flow without requiring open-heart surgery.

In cases like Mohammed’s, a heart attack may cause cardiogenic shock, a life-threatening condition in which the heart suddenly cannot pump enough blood to meet the body’s needs. For these patients, the CentraState team can guide the Impella® – the world’s smallest heart pump – to the heart during the procedure.

The Impella protects and supports the heart during and following treatment, allowing it to rest and recover. When the heart is strong enough to pump on its own, an interventional cardiologist removes it before the patient leaves the hospital.

In addition to enabling interventional cardiologists to perform lifesaving treatment, benefits of the Impella include a shorter hospital stay, fewer repeat visits to the hospital and fewer complications.


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