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The Good Food RX

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If you have a chronic condition, your medicine cabinet might contain critical medications to keep your health in check. But an important key to managing chronic conditions can also be found in your fridge.

“Simple strategies, such as a diet rich in antioxidants or consistent carbohydrate intake can be key in managing chronic health conditions,” says Anne VanMeerbeke, RDN, CDCES, one of a team of registered dietitian nutritionists who offer medical nutrition therapy at CentraState’s Star and Barry Tobias Health Awareness Center.

Medical nutrition therapy goes beyond tips to eat well.  It provides an evidence-based approach to treating chronic conditions with a diet plan individually tailored to your specific health needs.

“With the help of medical nutrition therapy,” explains VanMeerbeke, “many people can better manage diabetes, hypertension, obesity, celiac disease, high cholesterol, kidney disease, and other chronic diseases with even small changes to their diet.”

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