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The Puberty Talk: When is the Right Time?

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“They’re growing up so fast” is a sentiment every parent can relate to. We can’t stop the maturation process, but we can help our kids understand and cope with the physical and emotional changes they’re experiencing. Parents are used to talking to kids about healthy habits, but around ages 9 or 10 the more delicate conversation about puberty needs to be introduced.

CentraState’s popular programs—Girls Grow Up and Boys Grow Up—help open the dialogue with parents and their kids by sharing information they need to feel comfortable with the conversation.

Kids begin to feel at ease in their own skin and grasp what’s happening with their rapidly changing bodies and moods.

Come see why we get rave reviews on these programs from both kids and parents alike.

Girls Grow Up (ages 9-12 and a parent)

Boys Grow Up (ages 10-13 and a parent)

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