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The Truth about Your Metabolism

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This is the year you’re going to get control of your weight, but how will you get started? Find out where your metabolism ranks first.

CentraState Health’s personalized metabolic analysis gives you an informative starting point. The tool is the gold standard for measuring your metabolic rate— the number of calories you need to maintain your bodyweight.

The 10-minute test involves breathing into a machine that reveals your:
• Daily calorie burn
• Recommended calories to consume
• Metabolic range from slow to fast as compared to others

Use this detailed picture to get a handle on your diet and exercise routines. If you need guidance, join our Weigh of Life program. Our coaches help simplify the steps to lasting change and offer ways to balance what you eat with what you burn to increase muscle mass and lose fat.

Ready to jump-start your weight-loss journey? Call 732.308.0570 or fill out our online form to make an appointment.

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