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Three Ways to Prevent Hearing Loss

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Hearing loss caused by aging and ongoing exposure to loud noises is common and frustrating. It can adversely affect your quality of life and lead to increased risk of falling, social isolation, and cognitive decline as we age. It’s never too soon to start protecting your hearing with these steps:

  • Protect your ears from damaging noise at work. If you work with loud industrial equipment or machinery, wear plastic earplugs or glycerin-filled earmuffs.
  • Avoid recreational risks. Using power tools, attending loud concerts, or listening to your music too loud can damage your hearing over time. Wearing ear protection, taking breaks from the noise, and turning down music volume—especially when you’re wearing ear pods—can help.
  • Have your hearing tested. Consider regular hearing tests, especially if you work in a noisy environment or have noticed changes in your hearing. A hearing test can help detect hearing loss by evaluating the threshold at which you can hear the softest sounds.


8 Signs Your Hearing May Be Impaired

  1. People sound like they’re mumbling.
  2. You’re having trouble following conversations.
  3. It’s hard to talk on the phone.
  4. Some sounds seem louder than normal.
  5. Crowded rooms make it hard to converse.
  6. Your family keeps telling you to turn down the TV.
  7. You feel like you’re getting clumsier.
  8. You get distracted more easily.

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