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4 Tips to Help People with Diabetes Stay on Track this Holiday Season

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The excitement and festivities of the holiday season are just around the corner. Soon, we’ll be thrown out of our regular routines and tempting foods and beverages will be all around us. The demands of the holidays also mean more stress, less time to exercise and definitely less sleep. For people with diabetes, this time of year can also be a dangerous threat to your health. How can people with diabetes enjoy the holidays and keep their disease under control? The answer is simple─plan ahead.

The most important defense against jeopardizing your blood sugar and potentially ruining your festivities is to put a pre-holiday strategy in place now, before the celebrations begin. First, consider the events on your holiday agenda such as long-distance travel, parties, house guests, and work-related celebrations. If you plan for long days, late nights and food and alcohol challenges now, you can schedule some extra rest, squeeze in a trip to the gym, and be particularly mindful of your food intake before and after all the parties.

As chaotic as the holiday season can be, stick to your exercise regime. Physical activity helps lower your blood sugar, blood pressure and cholesterol. It is also a wonderful respite from the stress of the season which can cause blood sugar to soar. Family tensions, work pressures, long hours shopping and cooking can take a toll on anyone. People with diabetes should look to their exercise regimen as an important outlet to decompress, relax and recharge.

Talk with your doctor about alcohol use and follow his recommendations, even if they’re not what you had hoped to hear. Alcohol can cause your blood sugar to drop making you feel sleepy, dizzy, or confused. If you are going to drink, check your blood glucose beforehand and check it again before you go to bed.

Finally, continue to check your blood sugar consistently throughout the holiday season. Don’t delay or ignore your testing cycle because the price you pay could put a stop to your celebration. Strategize with your doctor about specific issues you may face during the upcoming holidays.

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