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A Little Bit of Thanks Goes a Long Way

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We are powered by people. No matter who you come across each day, you can lift someone up by making even the smallest of kind gestures. Give them your undivided attention, offer a smile or nod, and say a simple “thank you” for the little things.

It’s easy to acknowledge a stranger by paying a compliment or offering to help carry something if it looks like they need help.

When showing gratitude for a loved one, take the time to tell them what you love about them or send a thank you note. Check out this letter template for help getting started.

Don’t forget to thank yourself!

Take the time for your body, mind, and soul. Keep a daily gratitude journal to acknowledge your accomplishments and cut yourself a break when things don’t go as planned.

Most importantly, set time aside to do the things you enjoy and make you feel good. Start with a free relaxation class at for some self-care.

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