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Can Cranberry Juice Treat a UTI?

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While it can’t treat a urinary tract infection (UTI), natural, tart cranberry juice may help prevent recurrent UTIs by flushing the bladder of infection-causing bacteria.

“If you have frequent UTIs, drinking natural cranberry juice certainly can’t hurt,” says CentraState OB/GYN Angela Markman, MD. “But it’s important to use proven prevention practices.”

Her tips include:

  • Drink lots of water to help keep your bladder tissue hydrated and healthy
  • Empty your bladder frequently
  • Always wipe from front to back
  • Try to urinate soon after sex
  • Avoid spermicide-treated condoms and diaphragms

If you have symptoms like a constant need to urinate, pain and burning when you do or the feeling that you need to go even though your bladder isn’t full, make an appointment with your doctor. An untreated UTI is not only uncomfortable, but it can also lead to serious complications.


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