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Innovative Imaging Technology Illuminates a Cancer-Free Future

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After a successful surgery for bladder cancer earlier this year, Monroe Township resident Kalyanbhai Patel, 80, thought his battle with the disease was over for good. But when a routine follow-up appointment a few months later sparked worry, Troy Sukkarieh, MD, board-certified urologist, used innovative new technology called narrow band imaging to help light up an inconspicuous cancerous lesion in Kalyanbhai’s bladder that could have otherwise gone unnoticed.

“Dr. Sukkarieh diagnosed my condition very quickly, and he helped me understand a possibility for a better life ahead,” says Kalyanbhai.

Bringing Cancer to Light

According to Dr. Sukkarieh, flat and small tumors in the urinary tract can be difficult to see with traditional imaging techniques, which involve the use of white light. White light may miss or misidentify these characteristically inconspicuous and more aggressive tumors in the bladder, which may lead to a higher rate of recurrence.

Narrow band imaging technology, available at CentraState, illuminates the bladder in blue and green lights that darken areas of concern missed by traditional white light imaging to enable earlier and faster diagnosis and help prevent recurrence. Cancer abnormalities typically hold large quantities of blood, and blood absorbs blue and green lights best. When narrow band imaging is used, tumors and their irregularities become more defined and starkly contrast the surrounding healthy tissue.

In Kalyanbhai’s case, Dr. Sukkarieh was able to quickly identify a tumor that was much brighter and more defined after an evaluation with narrow band imaging, allowing for a more complete surgery.

“The early detection and removal of this lesion can help him live a longer, healthier life,” says Dr. Sukkarieh.

A Bright Future Ahead

With new peace of mind, Kalyanbhai looks forward to soaking in every special moment with his grandchildren and great-grandchild. He hopes to travel to his hometown in India post-pandemic to devote time to his prayers and community work.

“I am very grateful to Dr. Sukkarieh—his expertise with this technology saved my life,” says Kalyanbhai.

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