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Expanding Thoracic Surgery Expertise

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Leading thoracic surgeon Igor Brichkov, MD, has joined CentraState Healthcare System, expanding access to the latest procedures for lung and esophageal cancers and benign conditions. Dr. Brichkov is board-certified in thoracic surgery and fellowship-trained in minimally invasive thoracic surgery.

“New procedures are available to treat many thoracic conditions, and I’m proud to bring this expertise to the Central New Jersey region,” says Dr. Brichkov. “Certain issues can now be treated with less invasive and noninvasive techniques, avoiding a hospital stay and sometimes even pain medicine. This means getting people back to their jobs, families and lives much more quickly.”

Dr. Brichkov optimizes the use of highly specialized endoscopy and bronchoscopy techniques with access through the mouth as a less invasive treatment approach without the need for incisions. These include:

  • Endoscopic treatment to remove early-stage esophageal cancer.
  • The POEM (peroral endoscopic myotomy) procedure to treat achalasia, a swallowing disorder in which esophageal muscles are unable to relax.
  • Radiofrequency ablation to treat Barrett’s esophagus, a condition caused by acid reflux disease that increases the risk for esophageal cancer.
  • And coming soon to CentraState, innovative robotic bronchoscopy to safely reach and biopsy nodules deep within the lungs without surgery.

In addition, Dr. Brichkov is an expert in the Nuss procedure, a minimally invasive surgery that corrects pectus excavatum, which is a sunken breastbone.

A broadly published researcher, Dr. Brichkov completed his medical degree at Albany Medical College, his cardiothoracic surgery residency at Albert Einstein College of Medicine/Montefiore Medical Center and his minimally invasive thoracic surgery fellowship at University of Pittsburgh Medical Center. His prior experience includes hospital leadership roles in thoracic and robotic surgery.

The addition of Dr. Brichkov to the interdisciplinary team at CentraState significantly enhances advanced care options for patients.


To learn more about thoracic surgery at CentraState, visit the page here.

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