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Get the Low-Down on “Down There”

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Pelvic pain, prolapse, and incontinence are not easy to talk about. But more importantly, they’re not easy to live with. So what can you do?

The first step is to learn more about it.

Join CentraState’s ongoing women’s series for wine, cheese, and intimate conversation on all things pelvic health. Discover new solutions that free you from enduring pelvic health issues.

Led by a pelvic health specialist, the discussion naturally unfolds and an array of topics are covered, including:

  • Interventions for incontinence
  • Causes of pain during sex
  • Pelvic organ prolapse and how you can alleviate it by either strengthening or relaxing your pelvis muscles
  • The effects of hormone changes and how they can magnify or even cause pelvic pain

No topic is taboo.

“Once everyone gets comfortable and they hear each other’s stories and struggles, they realize they’re not alone,” says Amanda LaRaus, physical therapist and pelvic health specialist. “It’s validating and freeing to finally be able to talk about it in a safe space.”

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