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Guided Meditation

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 A Stress-Free Way to Find Your Bliss

For many people, just thinking about meditating triggers the very thing it’s supposed to help relieve—stress. That’s because there are so many misconceptions about it, like you must sit still for long periods, completely empty your mind, and think about nothing.

“The truth is there are many ways to meditate and, in its purest form, it’s simply about quieting the mind and being present,” says mind-body expert Beth Ando-Brenman.

Guided meditation is a pressure-free way to learn about and experience the benefits of meditating. Using a step-by-step format, your instructor will guide you through several methods, like breathing exercises, mantras, and visualizing calming mental imagery.

You’ll learn a variety of ways to meditate and gain the confidence to try it on your own. When practiced routinely, for even 5-10 minutes, meditation can help reduce stress and improve your sleep, focus, concentration, mood, and overall quality of life.

Ready to bring some Zen into your life? CentraState’s Health Awareness Center is offering an introductory Meditation 101 program, starting July 25, 2022. The class will meet virtually on Mondays for four weeks.

Sign up for Meditation 101 through our online events calendar or by calling 732-308-0570.

Access free on-demand videos by joining CentraState’s WellPower community. We offer more than 200 health and wellness video lessons on topics like structured weight loss, memory exercises, preparing for baby, smoking cessation, balance screenings and more.

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