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Take Action TODAY for a Healthier TOMORROW with These Important Screenings

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You’ve done a great job of trying to keep yourself COVID-free, but it’s time to make the rest of your body a priority!

Health screenings and regular visits to your primary care provider are the keys to early detection of a host of illnesses and your best path to maintaining your physical well-being. By staying up to date on screenings, you can identify and address health issues before they become a problem. Rest assured with these screenings:

  • The Best Defense Against Cancer. Quick and simple screenings for skin, prostate, thyroid, and head and neck cancers can flag issues when there are no signs or symptoms. Colorectal take-home kits allow for discreet testing and early detection.
  • Reduce Your Risk of Heart Attack or Stroke. A comprehensive review of your heart health now lowers your risk of complications later by identifying blockage and lack of blood flow.
  • Stop Diabetes and Hypertension in Their Tracks. Regular glucose and blood pressure screenings can uncover the onset of diabetes and high blood pressure at its earliest stages. Both conditions are serious health risks for heart disease.
  • Know Your Risk of Bone Fracture and Osteoporosis. Bone density testing measures the strength of your bones. It identifies bone loss leading to broken bones and potential issues of the hip and spine.

Put the power of your health in your hands. Register for one of our many no- or low-cost screenings today! Call 732-308-0570 or register online.

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