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Make Activity a ‘Weigh of Life’

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Want to help ensure your weight loss efforts are sustainable and long-term? Have some fun! Seriously, we’re not kidding.

“Minor changes in your exercise regimen, along with a healthy diet and a strong support system, is a winning formula for weight loss success,” says Cindy Kinsella, health coach at the Star and Barry Tobias Health Awareness Center.

She shares these simple suggestions for making exercise less about regimen and more about play!

  • Release your inner child. Break out a hula hoop (a great waist whittler), roller skates or game of Twister! They’re blasts from the past that never get old.
  • Throw yourself a dance party. Pull down the shades, turn up the tunes, and release your inner Beyoncé. It’s an easy way to break a sweat and torch some calories.
  • Gamify exercise. Play hopscotch, jump rope or grab a friend and throw a Frisbee. Challenging yourself or adding a little friendly competition keeps it interesting.

CentraState’s 16-week weight loss program, Weigh of Life, can help you get fit, learn to meal plan, manage stress, and more, with the support of program health coaches that will keep you motivated and having fun. It’s never too late to start a new Weigh of Life.

Register online for Weigh of Life or call us at 732-308-0570 to get started.

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