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Your Health Handled – Here’s How

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We can’t predict the future, but we can predict that it will be a lot better if you’re healthier. You can start by checking important healthcare-related items off your to-do list.  Whether it’s going for screenings, getting a physical, or finally doing something about that bad knee, let’s take care of your health.

Get Your Annual Physical Now

First step in making sure you are healthy enough to handle whatever the future may hold, is scheduling that visit with your primary care doctor for yourself, and if you have children at home, with their pediatrician. Your primary care doctor will ensure you get routine vaccines and preventative health screenings. Need help finding a doctor? CentraState’s Physician Finder can help you locate a doctor close to home.

Have You Put Off Surgery?
If you canceled a surgical procedure, now is the time to reschedule. CentraState’s experienced surgeons offer the latest minimally invasive treatments, including robotic surgery.

Ladies, Get Up to Date with Your Mammo and Bone Density Tests

If you’re overdue for a mammogram or bone density screening, our women’s health center has convenient appointments available now. If you need to schedule a routine well woman exam, CentraState’s gynecologists have you covered.

Life May Be Different. How You Prevent Cancer Isn’t

Reducing your risk of developing cancer starts with regular checkups and screenings. Discover other ways you can help prevent cancer or detect it early.

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